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For pricing and availability, contact Numatx via email at, or call 1-800-245-1148.  

All orders have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and can be returned within 30 days of receipt if you are not fully satisfier.

Below is a figure showing the primary components in a Riveter System.

Referring to the above figure, there are THREE OPTIONS for purchasing Numatx Riveting tools, as follows:

Option A:  As a System (e.g. - NXS-A10 and NXS-C9K3)
Option B:  Individual components (e.g. - Model NXC-9)
Option C:  A combination of a System and additional components

For Option A, the system is complete, except for the following items:

  • Dexron III ATF (automatic transmission fluid) or other fluid compatible with Buna-N (Nitrile) orings
  • Air Fitting with 1/4 female NPT threads
  • Filter / Regulator

For example, an NXS-C9K3 system contains the following components:

Item 1 - NXC-9  C-Squeezer
Item 4 - NXI-40 Pressure Intensifier
Item 5 - NXY-C3HD  3" reach HD Yoke
Item 6 - 3390-8  8' Hydraulic Hose
Item 9 - 6707 Guarded Foot Valve
1/4" air line, 8' long
One-touch air fittings
AN816-4D fittings
Bleeding syringe
Bleeding tubing w/ barb fitting

For Option B, components can be purchased in any combination and quantity.  The pressure intensifier includes air lines, fittings and bleeding syringe.   The squeezer heads include bleeding tubing.

For Option C, EACH additional squeezer head (Item 1 or 2) requires a male QD ( Quick Disconnect, Item 7, PN 6705) and one female QD (PN 6706).  

For example, adding a NXA-8  8" reach Alligator Squeezer and NXC-4  4K C-Squeezer to the example shown for Option A, will also require purchase of Qty 2 Male QDs (PN 6705).


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